Sample Menu
A selection of some of our unique dishes

Dim Sum

XO Chicken Cress Dumplings

XO sauce, chicken and watercress in water dough dumplings.

Wasabi King Prawn Dumplings

Fresh king prawn in a translucent skin, topped with Cappelin row.

Black Heart Dumplings

Fresh salmon & prawn in a black squid-ink open envelope.

Tortelli al Vapore (v)

Italian ricotta, parsley, egg and parmesan-filled pouches.

Magical Mushroom Bags (v)

Four varieties of mushroom magically melded into a delicious filling and bagged in a crystal dumpling.


Curious Pumpkin Buns (v)

Gujurati-spiced pumpkin filling in a numeric flavoured fluffy bun.

Pan-Fried Duck & Mushroom Buns

Hot fluffy buns containing sautée mushrooms and succulent duck.

Wagyu & Rib Eye Sliders

Seasoned wagyu and rib eye patty in a fluffy bun with Japanese mayonnaise and crisp lettuce.


Deep-fried soft shell crab

A whole soft shell crab in light batter, deep fried, dusted with a Szechuan spices & Japanese mayonnaise.

Teriyaki Tofu (v)

Four cubes of tofu, battered, deep fried and topped with Japanese teriyaki sauce.

Deep-fried sea bass

Deep-fried fillet of sea bass slices, served with a sweet wasabi sauce.

Pan-Fried Pork Dumplings

Juicy tender pork dumplings steamed then pan-fried in hand decorated envelopes.


Szechuan Style Ribs

Spare pork ribs, braised then fried with chilli Szechuan batter.

Cash Crab

Peppered cashew nuts coat two minced crab and prawn claws.

Hot Frogs Legs

Deep-fried frogs legs in a light batter, lightly dusted with chilli powder for kicks.

Belly Laughs

Pork belly served in a white bun, to be broken with friends.

Noodle & Rice Dishes

Housemaids Noodles (v)

Handcut cheung fun noodles and lotus flowers, served with finely cut cucumber, carrot, spicy black bean and duck egg.

Jerk Chicken Parcel in Rice

Spiced rice with succulent jerk chicken breast pieces steamed in a lotus leaf parcel.

Warrior Cage

Spiced beef fillet slices in chilli and onion red sauce caged in edible deep-fried noodles.


Black Sesame Balls

Sweet black sesame paste encased in a soft glutinous rice ball and covered with crunchy nuts. Served hot.

Cubism Frozen Mango Truffles

Rich dark chocolate mixed with midsummer mango tea-infused cream.

Ginger Tiramisu

Twisted and evil version of the Italian classic. Contains raw egg and addiction.