Sample Menu
A selection of some of our unique dishes

Please be regaled by an all-female chef team led by Feng Juan He, who honour the regal origins of Dim Sum while at the same time producing a contemporary and inventive menu that capitalises ingredients from around the globe. The distinctive menu at Courtesan focuses heavily on pure, MSG and preservative-free ingredients, whilst providing extensive vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options. DimSum is the basis Western haute cuisine and it’s most obvious descendants in Northern Italian dishes.

Find a selection of our DimSum dishes:

Dim Sum

XO Chicken Cress Dumplings

XO sauce, chicken and watercress in water dough dumplings.

Tortelli al Vapore (v)

Italian ricotta, parsley, egg and parmesan-filled pouches.

Magical Mushroom Bags (v)

Four varieties of mushroom magically melded into a delicious filling and bagged in a crystal dumpling.


Curious Pumpkin Buns (v)

Gujurati-spiced pumpkin filling in a numeric flavoured fluffy bun.

Pan-Fried Duck & Mushroom Buns

Hot fluffy buns containing sautée mushrooms and succulent duck.

Wagyu & Rib Eye Sliders

Seasoned wagyu and rib eye patty in a fluffy bun with Japanese mayonnaise and crisp lettuce.


Deep-fried soft shell crab

A whole soft shell crab in light batter, deep fried, dusted with a Szechuan spices & Japanese mayonnaise.

Teriyaki Tofu (v)

Four cubes of tofu, battered, deep fried and topped with Japanese teriyaki sauce.

Deep-fried sea bass

Deep-fried fillet of sea bass slices, served with a sweet wasabi sauce.

Pan-Fried Pork Dumplings

Juicy tender pork dumplings steamed then pan-fried in hand decorated envelopes.


Szechuan Style Ribs

Spare pork ribs, braised then fried with chilli Szechuan batter.

A bittersweet affair

Honey diced chicken breast served with lemon in a fresh pepper pot.

Forbidden Duck

Aromatic duck served with skinny pancakes cucumber, spring onions & chocolate Hoi Sin Sauce.


Black Sesame Balls

Sweet black sesame paste encased in a soft glutinous rice ball and covered with crunchy nuts. Served hot.

Cubism Frozen Mango Truffles

Rich dark chocolate mixed with midsummer mango tea-infused cream.